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35 Scenes Available for Direct Purchase


We added a simple tool for who wants to share our videos.

The tool is located under every trailer, close to the "studio name" (for now, in short future will be moved somewhere else in the page).


Clicking on the button open a popup window where you can select between 2 options

- Twitter Automatic
This option embed the link to the "trailer page" into a twitter post. The data passed to the post are: "title of the scene" "Play Trailer [url of page]" "#hashtag_of_model".

To better optimise your clicks, I suggest you to manually change the formatting from this:

To this:

Feel free to customise the post even more, we want to make your actions more confortable, but how to "makeup" the post is just up to you.

- Twitter Manual
this option do not pass anything to twitter, but open a popup inside this website from where you can copy a formatted text you can past directly into a post on twitter. You can also copy the image (using right click on the mouse -> copy image or tap/hold the image with a finger from your phone -> copy image). To avoid the link to be embed into the post, copy nad past first the image and after the text.

... and this is the result (no fromatting of text needed)

So, what is the real difference between "automatic" and "manual"? Basically the difference is that with "Manual" you can have a picture into the post instead than the embed link to the trailer. This makes your twitt more focused on the picture and it could be more shared from your followers.

If you have any question or problems and if you find a bug, contact me on twitter @giorgiograndi76.